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Careers at Sage Pay

We feel truly privileged to work at Sage Pay. Why? Many reasons, but it boils down to our people. Learn about the Sage Pay experience and maybe you’ll want to join us too.

Want to join a great team?

At Sage Pay we give you the freedom and opportunity to think, feel and act like this is your business. In essence, our future, and that of our customers, is only as good as the people in our team, so recruitment is one of the most important things we do here. 

The Sage Pay culture

At Sage Pay we are all in it together. There is one ambition, one purpose, and ultimately one team. We ask our people to work together to help us realise our potential as a business and be trusted advisors to our customers and partners. There are no jobs at Sage Pay, only careers for people who emotionally connect to what we do and care about seizing the opportunity to make a difference.

Meet some of our People

Our teams are our business and our future, so you here's your chance to meet some of them…

Sage Pay recruitment video

What we’re looking for

We need people who see the value in what we do - both for our customers and the economy. We need people who look at their role through the eyes of the customer, and assess their performance as though they were the CEO.

As a business, we can’t afford to stand still, so our people can’t either. We need people who challenge the status quo, people who want to develop and take what they do to a new level. It doesn’t matter whether you are applying for a receptionist role or a leadership role - we need you to be able to connect to our purpose and our ambitions, and then do everything you can to take your personal impact to a new level. Together, and only together, we will win.

Check out the top 5 reasons why people love working at Sage Pay. 

Sage Pay offers opportunities for enthusiastic and talented people who want to boost their career by joining a fast growing company.