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The Fashion Bible

As a new business, I loved the fact that I didn't have any set-up fees to pay. It meant I could invest that money elsewhere

Lisa and Nikki FoxBusiness Owners

When Washington based Lisa Fox and her daughter Nikki decided to set-up an online fashion boutique, they set themselves one simple goal - to offer customers affordable alternatives to the high street online. Having tested the market with a successful eBay store, the mother and daughter duo felt the time was right to expand the business and open an online store.

Prevent fraud and keep costs affordable

Having approached Business Link for some initial advice, they were put in touch with a local web developer and Sage Pay partner.  Top of their agenda was finding a payment processor who could provide the security required to process online payments, prevent fraud and keep costs down.

Lisa, admits that the technicalities of trading online were daunting at first, “I knew how I wanted my website to look. I knew what products I wanted to have on the site, but the technical side of taking payments was still a bit of a mystery. My web developer recommended I contact Sage Pay as they can provide a simple, quick, one-stop-shop for taking online payments”.

Helpful and patient advisors

After speaking with Sage Pay’s sales team, the Fashion Bible decided to apply for both Sage Pay’s Merchant Services and the Sage Pay payment gateway at the same time.  “At first we had no idea what a merchant account was” says Lisa, “but the sales team were very helpful and patient in giving me the information I needed, and I liked being able to deal with the same people for both the merchant account and payment gateway application.”

Pay-as-you-go pricing

The sales person I spoke to described Sage Pay’s merchant services as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ merchant number - meaning I only pay for the merchant number when I take a payment. I was fully aware of how difficult it can be to build up traffic to a new website, so this aspect of the offer really appealed to me.”

Sage Pay’s pricing structure is designed to suit start-up businesses too. “As a new business I loved the fact that I didn’t have any set-up fees to pay because it meant I could invest that money elsewhere” added Lisa.