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“The improved integration between Sage Pay and Sage One means that I can spend even less time on business admin and more on making sales."

Lorna Syson company logoLorna SysonLorna Syson

As London-based designer Lorna Syson‘s business began to grow, it was time she moved away from offering customers a single payment type and running her business from an excel spreadsheet. Currently using Sage Pay and Sage One Accounts, Lorna explains the benefit of the new and improved integration…

Lorna Syson creates and sells British-designed textiles for the home including lampshades, cushions and wallpapers, inspired by the British countryside.

As a sole trader, Lorna works full time in the business, which she set up in 2009.  With orders beginning to flood in, Lorna struggled to keep up with the admin side of the business ‘I was having real issues keeping my paperwork in check, filling it in correctly and making it understandable when it came to VAT and TAX returns.’

Having signed up to use Sage One Accounts, Lorna can keep an eye on what’s happening across her business. ‘Sage One has allowed me to have a system where the accounts are kept in check on a regular basis and at any point during the month I know at what stage the business is at.’

Not having to spend hours poring over a spreadsheet enabled Lorna to spend time elsewhere in her business. ‘My business mentor once said to me that unless you make money and grow it is not a business, it is a hobby and that has always stayed with me.’
Realising the importance of her website as her cyber “shop window’ and having the time available, Lorna was able to re-launch her website, in May 2013, using the Sage Pay system.

‘Before that my old website was linked into PayPal which some customers found confusing. I chose Sage Pay because of the great service I had received at Sage One’. 

Lorna also knew that the Sage Pay team would take care of her and take her step-by-step through everything she needed to know. ‘I knew little about online selling but I felt comfortable that the 24hr Customer Support Team would talk me through it.’

Now with the products in place, the launch of the new Sage One and Sage Pay integration will mean that Lorna’s online payments will automatically reconcile within the Sage One accountancy software.  The automatic synching of the two systems via the integration, removes the risk of human error and saves precious time spent manually entering data.

Lorna said: “The improved integration between Sage Pay and Sage One means that I can spend even less time on business admin and more on making sales which are the lifeblood of any small business.”

To find out more about the Sage One and Sage Pay integration, read our media release.

Take a look at Lorna’s website to see her gorgeous collection of cushions, lampshades, fabrics, wallpapers and wallflowers.