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Start using a credit card machine to accept payments

Our card machines are simple to set up and use. We have three types of card machine that accept cards in store, on the move or at events. Wherever your customers are we go with you.



We’re here to help you every step of the way

Customers these days expect you to be able to accept debit and credit card payments on your premises. Having secure chip & PIN terminals can also increase your sales and reduce fraud. Get started with our guide to accepting card machine payments below.

What makes sense for your business

We have card machines for every type of business. So first have a think about what services you want to offer your customers: 

  • How many card machines will I need?
  • What types of card machines are right for my business?Countertopportable or Integrated epos solution
  • Will I accept card payments over the phone too?
  • How long will I need the card machines for? Short-term or long-term

Apply for Sage Pay card machines

Our card machines are all pre-certified and easy for you and your customers to use.  Request a quote
To accept different payment types like Visa and MasterCard, you will need one or multiple merchant accounts (or merchant IDs).  This allows your payments to be authorised and transferred into your business bank account. 
Tell me more about merchant accounts

Plug and Go

Once you get your card machines through the post just plug them in and you're ready to start taking payments.

Get your PCI compliance certificate

When you start accepting card payments from your customers you must get a PCI DSS certificate. This shows you are complying with payment industry standards. This protects you and your shoppers.

Tell me more about PCI DSS compliance

Sage Pay is certified to the highest level PCI DSS Level 1. Sage Pay is certified to the highest level PCI DSS Level 1. This reduces your compliance requirements significantly unless you have chosen the direct integration method.

You can get your certificate quickly and cheaply from Trustwave, our Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) partner.
Remember: If the bank setting up your merchant account(s) has their own Qualified Security Assessor partner then you'll need to go with them rather than Trustwave.

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