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Doluna SMS

Drive your off-site payment collections with Doluna by using SMS to reach your contacts wherever they are, to provide a secure, convenient, mobile-optimised payment channel that’s integrated with your Sage Pay account.
Company profile: 

Doluna, the innovative, global, SMS platform, provides enterprise text messaging solutions to businesses via a mixture of online web access and HTTP API integration.  Doluna provides help and support to businesses looking to utilise the power of SMS, for marketing, customer service and support, or direct sales and payments.

Solutions and services: 

Doluna provides global SMS solutions that include:

  • Unique link tracking – see who clicked their message link and when
  • Click-notify – interact with your contact in real-time
  • Data forwarding – transfer data when message links are clicked
  • Traffic splitting – define multiple landing pages to direct link traffic to a destination based on message recipient’s handset (ideal for splitting Android and Apple traffic for example)
  • Mobile pin verification – 2 factor authentication – send unique pin numbers to your contacts to authenticate them

SMS payments – drive payment collections using SMS, with fully mobile optimised payment collection via Sage Pay. Collect anytime, anywhere. 

Take a look at our SMS payments page for more details:

Doluna SMS
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