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The core of Ecwid team was involved in production of X-Cart, bringing 12 years of experience from world’s first PHP shopping cart to development of Ecwid the next generation of e-commerce software.
Company profile: 

Ecwid is unlike any other ecommerce application, allowing you to enable your existing site with full ecommerce functionality without the hassle of having to rebuild your site from scratch. Instead Ecwid is a 100% AJAX ecommerce widget and is as easy to install as a “Facebook like button”, just copying and pasting 6 lines of code into any site, page, newsletter or social network that accepts HTML.

Key facts:

  • Ecwid launched September 2009 
  • We have over 110,000 existing accounts 
  • 600% Annual Growth
  • Global user base from 174 countries
  • Internationalised with 37 languages available
  • World’s only 100% AJAX store builder
  • Integrates anywhere in just 5 minutes
  • Sell on the web, social networks and mobile devices
  • Ecwid is the No.2 ecommerce application on Facebook

We also offer prebuilt plugins for WordPress, Joomal and Drupal.

Ecwid was born as a product of Creative Development DBA Qualiteam. Our company has made e-commerce software since 2001. We Started with just three employees, our company has now grown to over 140 people.

Solutions and services: 

Mobile/Social Commerce Partner

Suite 180
800 West El Camino Real
Mountain View, California 94040
United States