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Iconography Ltd

We are a professional Website design and Ecommerce agency based in Somerset. Our small team is made up of designers, developers and project managers.
Company profile: 

We are a professional ecommerce and multichannel website design agency based in the South West.

Our team is made up of designers, developers and project managers - we work hard for our clients and for each other, that's really what it's about for us. We're an eclectic bunch for sure, it keeps things interesting.We pull together to provide a real agency experience for our clients who trust us to help take their web business forward.

In 1997 we became a limited company. Which is a lifetime ago in internet terms. We still work with many clients from the early days and have enjoyed helping some of them evolve into serious international ecommerce operations. Suffice to say that these days Iconography offers new and existing clients an experienced, proven and bang up to date website design and development service.

We feel we blend high quality website design with some of the best web programming experience in the market today and provide our clients with websites which look spot on and work like a dream.

Solutions and services: 

Iconography blend design, development and client service to ensure we deliver a complete agency experience.

Click the link for specific information on our Zone 1 ecommerce platform.

Over the years we have learnt a lot - if you take one thing away from this page, let it be this - successful websites (without exception) are websites which put the user first. Thinking about who will use the website, why they will use the website and what they want to do on the website is absolutely essential to designing and building a successful website. We work in a professional and transparent fashion - detailed quotes, exacting technical specifications, original and well resolved design, attentive project management and client liaison.

We deliver more customer value through:

  • bespoke design
  • high quality coding
  • browser compatibility testing
  • search engine friendly design and build
  • dedicated account management
  • content management training and producing a tailored user handbook
  • 12 month warranty on the sites we develop and host
  • tips and advice

If you care about working with the right agency - we should talk.

Iconography Ltd
Nutcracker Barn
Ashwell Business Park
TA19 9DX
United Kingdom