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Infomagnet Ltd

We help clients to build web businesses that work. Infomagnet have been creating successful e-commerce sites with Drupal since 2005, specialising in systems integration. We make Drupal sites talk to third party systems - including Sagepay for which we created integrategrations for Drupal5, 6 & 7.
Company profile: 

Infomagnet believe that successful ecommerce businesses require shops that are designed around their products, brand, business processes - and most importantly, their customers. For us, one size most certainly does not fit all.

We find that Drupal, the popular open source content management system, so often provides a great compromise between custom software and an off-the-shelf solution. There are no huge costs, maintenance nightmares and vendor lock-in associated with custom software but there remains all the flexibility, innovation and customization lacking in ready-made shopping carts.

We have been building ecommerce sites with Drupal, since 2005 - Our online shops attract visitors and help them to buy. And behind the scenes, we specialize in integrating Drupal with third party systems; warehousing, point of sale, provisioning, accounting, CRM, comparison or even content originality verification - these are all systems we have successfully integrated with Drupal.

Solutions and services: 
  • ecommerce websites built with Drupal
  • systems integration - making Drupal talk with CRM, warehousing, ERP, accounting, provisioning and many other systems.
  • internationalization - creating successful multi-lingual ecommerce sites
  • SEO - creating ecommerce sites that attract customers
  • ecommerce consulting
  • user experience design and testing
  • custom responsive Drupal themes
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