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Seymour Direct

Businesses both large and small, including household names, have taken advantage of Seymour Direct's preferentual payment card service charges. We are extremely proud of our high level of customer service, which is just as important as providing very low charges.
Company profile: 

Credit & debit card processing at unbelievably low rates for both face-to-face transactions and over the Internet. Below are just some of the benefits.

● Credit card rates from 0.342%
● Latest New Chip & PIN machines
● Cash back facility
● No need to change your business bank account
● Personal bank accounts can also be used
● Credit card machines from only £10.50 plus VAT per month
● Contactless transactions ( as seen on TV )

Solutions and services: 

If you're looking to see your gain on investment grow as a retailer then consider those possibilities on offer from a merchant service provider like Seymour Direct. By using Seymour Direct you can take advantage of the huge buying power that we can utilise alongside some of the largest acquiring banks, meaning much lower transaction charges and more profit for you!


Seymour Direct
124-126 High Street
United Kingdom