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Tickethour are demonstrating how they are a different type of system provider and clients both large and small are benefitting from their innovative and cost effective approach to multi-channel ticket sales.
Company profile: 

A Ticketing industry professional that has been responsible for providing new and innovative systems to Sports Venues, Arts & Entertainment Venues, Tourism Locations and Leisure Venues.

Tickethour Group is now growing internationally, and is established in eight countries. The UK market is seen as the most mature and therefore the most difficult to penetrate. Using the latest ticketing technology and delivering the very best in customer services, Tickethour are demonstrating how they are a different type of system provider and clients both large and small are benefiting multi-channel ticket sales.

Tickethour was founded in 2005, by George V. Bolos, Director General of the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games ATHENS 2004 and by Stefanos Kakarantzas, Ticketing Manager of the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games ATHENS 2004, with the objective to develop a niche ticketing Services Company for the Greek market. Based on prior Olympic Games experience the team identified the opportunity to respond to the growing needs of various Greek sectors including sports and entertainment by leveraging the power of ever increasing advanced technologies , the Internet and e-ticketing. Since 2009 the company has expanded internationally and has managed to acquire the sport business in Cyprus, Qatar, United Kingdom, Norway,Bahrain and the United States.  The UK Company was incorporated in July 2011 and commenced trading in October 2011. 

By aiming to offer products and services of the highest standards in the form of turn-key competitive ticketing solutions, the Tickethour system was introduced with the intent to put forward a business solely dedicated to:
• The development, supply and management of a B2B state-of-the-art 100% Web-based Ticketing System that invests a lot in research and development.
• The direct sale and distribution of electronic tickets to consumers through various channels including the internet, call centres, ticket outlets, IVR, and bank ATMs.

Tickethour places complete emphasis on the quality of support and assistance in the installation and use of the system as well as its committed policy of being responsive to clients’ needs.
As such, today Tickethour controls over 75% of the theatre business and 55% of the sport business in the Greek market and has crossed borders by supplying to the Cyprus Sport Authority and by being the ticketing supplier of Asian Cup Qatar 2011.

Solutions and services: 

Tickethour offer a broad range of services to Venues and Attractions that sell tickets either in advance or at the point of entry.

Our cloud based system, integrates seamlessly to Sage Pay's payment platforms, including E-Commerce, Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) and Customer Present via Chip & Pin.

Systems can be set up for single up events or multi-performances for season productions in temporary structures or permanent venues.  With [email protected] and Mobile Box Office Tickethour has a solution for anyone that wishes to sell tickets.

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