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Trade 196 Ltd

Trade196 helps businesses access, and maximise, new markets abroad through eCommerce. We specialise in selling online throughout Europe, helping you decide the best market location for your products through to design and full implementation of your eCommerce systems, ongoing marketing and support.
Company profile: 

Trade 196 was established to help online retailers target new European markets quickly and at a relatively low cost with limited risk. We can assist your business through the key stages from helping you decide the best market location for your products through to full implementation of your eCommerce systems and ongoing support.

We provide a combination of:

  • Specialist Knowledge of International Markets - including legislation, tax regimes, payment methods, customer expectations and buying habits.
  • Broad Range of eCommerce Design & Technical Services – experienced in building and supporting multiple website/market-place systems with an emphasis on efficiency and automation.
  • “Mother-tongue” Translation & Marketing - including the use of local idioms and key words used for pay per click (PPC) campaigns and other search marketing activities.
  • Real World Business Experience - with knowledge that spans not only customer facing issues but also back-office requirements, warehousing, logistics, product sourcing and supply chain.
Solutions and services: 

Our specialist international eCommerce services can complement your existing team to provide greater speed to market. They include:

  • Market Research & Strategy – To define and target the most appropriate countries for your product(s) and advising on business improvements needed for international sales.
  • eCommerce Design, Development & Marketing - Design, build, translation and support of your new international eCommerce website and/or marketplace stores such as eBay and Amazon. All designed to meet the language and buying habits of your new international customers.
  • Ongoing Support & Advice - Supporting a twelve-month country trial and advising on any appropriate customising of product, service and marketing in response to customer feedback.
Trade 196 Ltd
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United Kingdom