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Williams Commerce

Williams Commerce established since 2009 with 45 staff specialising in Magento ecommerce solutions for B2B & Retail customers. With over 220 sites built and a proven track record delivering high performance websites, our preferred payment gateway is Sage Pay. RAR award winners for ecommerce 2014.
Company profile: 

Williams Commerce was formally established in 2009, but our ecommerce experience dates back to 2005 when I built my first online business Garden Centre Online.

It was that experience that led founder Robert Williams to create Williams Commerce, which has grown into an ecommerce, marketing and technology business offering solutions to customers world-wide from Australia, Singapore, America, India and the UK.

We are proud of our diverse portfolio of customers which range from multinational giants including Pepsico, Debenhams Flowers, British American Tobacco, Panasonic Australia, Pizza Express and Holland and Barrett, to local UK wholesalers and manufacturers like Kingfisher, Hancock’s Confectionery, Benross and Masters Golf.  Our retail portfolio includes a range of fashion, home interiors, gardening and pharmaceutical retailers and many more.

Customers are choosing us because of our commercial understanding of online business, our digital marketing expertise and our technical depth to deliver cutting edge ecommerce solutions on time and on budget, on a variety of technologies, languages or platforms

With a team of over 45 talented people at your disposal, our project managers, developers, graphic designers, marketing experts, technical SEOs , copywriters and IT managers are dedicated to helping you create a high performing website, that offers a fantastic online experience for your customers and does your business and brand justice

We also love Magento.  Over the last three years we’ve built up a great team of certified Magento developers.  Whether it’s building a brand new ecommerce website, upgrading or making changes to an existing site, or fixing broken Magento platforms, our technical know how on Magento is very strong.

Our mission from the start remains the same today; we’re helping build multi-million pound businesses online.  Visit us today to learn how we can help grow your business online.

Williams Commerce Head Office
24-26 Friar Lane
United Kingdom
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